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These are projects that I have completed and I currently do not have an open contract with them. Therefore, I cannot guarantee the current status of the site. Someone else may have taken over the contract, and my work on the project is no longer valid.

North Carolina Locksmiths Association:

A large association based in the state of North Carolina. Key features included a point of sale system, membership system, member email system, class training registration, and tradeshow bookings.

Reward App:

A mobile phone application that granted rewards after completing tasks and included a faucet for cryptocurrencies.


A gaming tournament website with brackets, team registration, and match scoring.


A website and a Discord bot that allowed users to pay a fee for promoting a Discord server on other Discord Servers.


A social network platform with friends, events, groups, activity board, and more.

Harney Designs:

A promotional printing company website with the ability for clients to create a sub site with their products for faster re-ordering. Also included a custom product designer for the clients, and a customer portal for the business. This site also included a helpful artificial intelligence bot that walked new customers through the website with the additional ability of a virtual tour. Clients and Employees had access to a live chat system which also served as a desktop application.

Anime Streams:

Similar to Netflix and Hulu, this was a website which catered to new anime episodes.


Xenovia is a Bot created for the Discord Software.

The bot integrates with Discord and it’s own Website. The website allows users to change the settings of the bot easily and lists the functions/commands of the bot.


A eSports Tournament website that had Brackets, Team Challenges, Prizes, and Paid Entries.
Other website users were also able to host their own tournaments with a Organization Dashboard.

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